9.5:     Alternate Window Managers

Traditional window managers

A window manager in Linux is essentially the component which controls the appearance of windows and provides the means by which the user can interact with them. MEPIS comes standard with the K Desktop Environment, or KDE for short, which includes the KWin window manager as one component. While KDE is a very powerful and customizable desktop environment, it does require the most resources, and it is not the only option available for MEPIS Linux 7.0.

The following 3 Window Managers are much lighter than KDE or GNOME, and MEPIS users can easily install any of them through Synaptic. Once installed, you can choose the window manager you want from the Menu --> Session Type on the login screen (KDM) and log in to as you normally would.

Compiz-fusion: The 3D window manager

In recent years there has been a push for 3D-accelerated effects on the desktop, such as wobbly windows, window-drawing effects, or the now famous “desktop cube.” MEPIS 6.5 provided the option of installing Beryl 0.20, a very popular 3D-accelerated desktop. The Beryl project has since merged back with the Compiz project from which it originally forked, and the new project has been named Compiz-fusion. MEPIS Linux 7.0 provides packages to install Compiz 0.50, a more recent version of this Window manager.

NOTE: Compiz-fusion installation and configuration can be complicated and hardware-intensive, and is best avoided by beginners.