8.11:     antiX

The programs installed with antiX are very different from those of MEPIS Linux 7.0, so certain parts of Section 8 are inapplicable. Default basic apps are listed directly on the right-click menu: terminal (wterm), browser (Firefox), files (Rox), email (Sylpheed-claws), and screenshot (scrot).

Details on the other apps should be sought on the antiX website (linked below), but here some examples to get you started (Menu refers to what you see when you right-click the desktop):

FunctionantiX appPath
Text editorLeafpadMenu --> Office --> Editors
Word processingAbiWordMenu --> Office --> Editors
CalculatorCalculatorMenu --> Maths/Image
Number processingGnumericMenu --> Maths/Image
Image viewerXfiMenu --> Maths/Image
Image processingMtpaintMenu --> Maths/Image
PDF viewerXpdfMenu --> Office --> Viewers
ChatXchatMenu --> Net
FTP clientgFTPMenu --> Net
P2P clientGnutellaMenu --> Office --> Editors
Music playerXmms-MusicMenu --> Audio/Video
Video viewerVideo (Mplayer)Menu --> Audio/Video
CD burnerBurner (Brasero)Menu --> Audio/Video
GameDosboxMenu --> Games
System setupMEPIS AssistantsMenu --> Admin/Tools --> Mepis Admin
ProgrammingPythonMenu --> Admin/Tools --> Programming
ConfigurationFluxbox toolsMenu --> Fluxbox
ScreensaversKDE and XscreensaversMenu --> Screen --> Savers
Window managersIcewmMenu --> WMs
File managementMidnight Commander (MC)Menu --> Admin/Tools --> Tools
Runaway killerXkillMenu --> Xkill

There are many CLI programs available in addition to these graphical ones, just click around or look over the antiX website.

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