8.9:     Games

See also Section 9.3

Because of space limitation, MEPIS Linux 7.0 comes with only a few simple games, but many more are available. Browsing the extensive list of games available through Synaptic or following the links below will bring up many other titles for your enjoyment.

Adventure Games

There are no Adventure Games installed by default. Here are a couple of popular ones you can install via Synaptic to get you started.

Arcade Games

Installed by default is Planet Penguin Racer, a fun racing game with your favourite penguin. It can be reached by clicking KMenu --> Games --> Arcade.

There are many others that can be downloaded via Synaptic.

Board Games

Two Mahjongg-type games are installed by default, KMahjongg and Shisen-Sho. You can find them under KMenu --> Games --> Board Games.

Here are some others to whet your appetite:

Card Games

Two games are installed by default, Patience and KPoker. Both are under KMenu --> Games --> Card Games. For others, follow links at bottom.

Tactics & Strategy

Two Strategy games are installed by default: KSudoku and SameGame. They are reached by clicking Kmenu --> Games --> Tactics & Strategy.

There are many others that can be downloaded via Synaptic. A couple of the most popular:

Windows games

A number of Windows games can be played in MEPIS Linux 7.0 by using a Windows emulator such as Cedega or DOSBox. See Section 9.3 for details.