5.3.6:    How to set up a PDA

Success with using a PDA on MEPIS Linux 7.0 depends on the handheld OS and hardware being used.

Palm devices

PalmOS devices work pretty well with Linux, and offer many advanced possibilities. All interactions depend on pilot-link, an application that is installed by default with MEPIS 7.x. A number of different frontends are available to use this backend on MEPIS, including Kpilot and Jpilot.

The following technique works on MEPIS 7 with many Palm devices, following most of the tips listed under Troubleshooting below.

NOTE: KPilot's Palm DOC conduit does not convert text files to PalmDoc format and send them to the handheld. Nor does KPalmDOC, available in the repos.

Other PDAs

At the present, synching a PDA that's running Windows Mobile 2003 or 2005 OS is somewhat difficult, as is any RIM Blackberry PDA. However, there are active projects working on this. Check the sites linked below for new developments.