5.3.4:     How to set up a webcam


Webcams have traditionally been tricky to configure with Linux, and MEPIS was no exception. However, with the 2.6.22 Linux kernel used by MEPIS Linux 7.0, the process is much easier than before. KDE 3.5 does appear to have built-in Webcam video support, but it does not support audio, so the extent of functionality depends on whether the user wants audio as well as video, and on the webcam itself (as well as the driver it requires). This may change when KDE 4 is finalized, and MEPIS is able to upgrade to that version.


Here are the basic steps to take:

NOTE: If looking to buy a new webcam, many users report consistent good luck with those supported by the gspca-modules package available through Synaptic, which now includes and replaces the reliable spca5xx driver. Another well-supported driver, V4L2, is covered by the linux-uvc-modules package, also available through Synaptic.

Particular webcams