5.3.3:     How to set up a printer

Basic operation

Printers are normally installed through the KDE Control Center, while printing itself is enabled by CUPS (Common UNIX printing system). To add a printer, follow these steps:

  1. Click KMenu --> Control Center --> Peripherals --> Printers
  2. Click Administrative Mode button at the bottom, and supply root's password.
  3. Click Add --> Printer/Class, and the Add Printer Wizard will start.
  4. Most users will be installing a local printer, the first radio button, but other options are available.
  5. When setting up a printer across a network, you may have to disable your firewall.
  6. Follow the screens to locate the auto-detected printer (usually), identify the make and model, load the recommended driver, and print a test page.
  7. If page prints correctly, continue through the Wizard screens, making sure to name your printer in a way that you will recognize.