4.5:     Apple Intel computers

MEPIS Linux 7.0 is compatible with Apple Intel computers: those based on Intel x86 CPUs, with the exception of some small details. Intel Core 2 or Xenon-based Apple computers can run 64-bit MEPIS, but all Intel-Core-based Apple computers can run 32-bit MEPIS.

MEPIS Linux 7.0 has a utility for preparing your Apple bootable hard drive for OS X so that you can install MEPIS Linux painlessly. This MEPIS Assistant is compatible with OS X Tiger and Leopard. There is a README file in the in the LiveCD OSX directory with more information.

Instructions for installation:

  1. Put the MEPIS Linux 7.0 media into an appropriate drive, and use the Finder to navigate to the OS X folder of the CD or DVD.
  2. Drag and drop the MEPIS Linux 7.0 Assistant for OS X (SimplyMEPIS Assistant.app.zip) to the OS X desktop.
  3. Unzip it, then launch the SimplyMEPIS Assistant.app and follow the instructions.
  4. When prompted, reboot into the CD or DVD and install MEPIS Linux 7.0 following the directions in Section 4.2.
  5. Install MEPIS Linux 7.0 on the partition you created with the MEPIS Linux 7.0 Assistant for OS X.
  6. After installing MEPIS Linux 7.0, return to the Assistant in OS X to enable dual booting.

NOTE: the Installer disables options that would be likely to damage your OS X System Drive. Do not try to use parted, gparted, or qtparted to do anything on an OS X System Drive. If used, parted will probably destroy the OS X installation and make the disk unbootable.