3.4:     Booting and using the LiveCD

Booting to the LiveCD

Insert the disk into your CD or DVD drive and restart your computer. Once you have booted to the CD, you will be presented with a menu offering various choices. The default boot choice should work for most computers.

Make sure to note the function keys at the bottom of the screen:

When GRUB hands off the booting process to the Linux kernel, you will see a blue MEPIS graphical screen with an orange bar that indicates booting progress, called “Splashy”. If you hit the ctrl-alt-F1 keys together Splashy will be disabled, and you can view a terminal screen and read the booting messages that echo on the screen. Sometimes this could be helpful in troubleshooting boot problems.

If all has gone well, you should be looking at a graphical login screen asking for a username and password. Type in demo for both and hit Enter to log in to MEPIS Linux.

First look


At the bottom of your screen, you will see a panel known as the Kicker:


Icon key:


There are a few programs you may want to investigate while booted to the liveCD:

For more information on available applications, see Section 8.

Testing hardware compatibility

One of the best things about the liveCD is that you can use it to test your hardware's compatibility with MEPIS Linux without installing it to your hard drive. Keep in mind that in general everything runs much more slowly from the LiveCD.

While booted to the LiveCD, make sure you test:

Some hardware may require the installation to work correctly; although this is usually done after a hard drive install, it is possible to use the boot option aufs which will allow you to temporarily install a driver (or other software) to your LiveCD session. For details, see the link under Links and Guides.


CD won't boot. If you have checked the integrity of your ISO, make sure your computer is set to boot to the CD drive. Newer computers often have a hotkey such as F8, F10, or F12 which will invoke a boot device menu when pressed during startup. For older machines, you may need to edit your system's boot device order in the CMOS (BIOS) settings. Please consult your system's operating manual for the correct procedure.

LiveCD stops during boot, or once booted performs exceptionally poorly. Try some of the Boot Options that can be found by clicking F1 on the opening screen (GRUB). Problems with hardware, for instance, can often be overcome by entering noacpi, noapic, and/or nolapic.