2.3:    Burning the CD


Once you have successfully downloaded an ISO and verified its integrity, you are ready to create a LiveCD or DVD.

General tips

  1. Most important: do not burn the ISO onto a blank CD as if it were a data file. An ISO is a formatted image of an entire CD. You need to choose Burn disk image or Burn ISO in the menu of your CD burning program. If you just drag and drop it into a file list and burn it as a regular file, you will not get a bootable LiveCD.
  2. Use the correct medium:
    • A good quality blank CD that specifies 700MB or 80 minutes.
    • A good quality DVD-5 with a 4.6 GB capacity.
    • The developer of MEPIS Linux recommends blank CDs and DVDs manufactured by Taiyo Yuden as excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Burning the ISO


The following method describes burning with K3b, the default KDE application, but you can use any burner or the command line just as well.

  1. Right-click the ISO and select Open with --> K3b
  2. Wait until the md5sum is calculated, then compare it with the one that you downloaded with the ISO: the md5sum should match, otherwise it means you have a corrupted file.
  3. Check verify written data. After the CD/DVD is written, K3b will read it and compare the result with the MD5 sum of the ISO.


If you already have a CD burning program installed on your computer such as Nero and EasyCD Creator (Roxio), go directly to Step 2.

  1. Download and install Cheetah CD or DVD Burner (follow link below).
  2. Put a blank medium in your drive. Start Cheetah, and click Start and choose Burn ISO File. In Nero and Roxio there is a similar command to Burn a Disk Image or ISO.

NOTE: the program names here are used as an example only, no endorsement or guarantee is intended.


You probably already have Toast (Roxio) or a similar CD/DVD burning program installed. Just follow Step 2 above.

Verify the integrity

It is a good idea to verify the integrity of the burn as you did of the ISO. If you didn't burn your new MEPIS Linux LiveCD/DVD with a program that can verify the data after the burn, you can check its integrity another way.


In terminal type:

md5sum /dev/cdrom

Depending on your system you might need to replace cdrom with cdrom1 or another device name like hdc (/dev/cdrom is the first CD drive, /dev/cdrom1 is the second one, etc.). Check /etc/fstab to see the device names on your system.

Wait for the MD5 sum to be calculated, and compare it with the sum obtained from the download site: they should be the same.


  1. Get the free version of the Windows application IsoBuster from the link below.
  2. Insert CD in drive.
  3. Run IsoBuster as Administrator.
  4. In registration dialog, select "Free funct. only".
  5. In left pane, right-click on CD (top line) to get context menu, and select: MD5 Checksum file --> Create MD5 Checksum --> For image file with 2048 bytes/block.
  6. Compare the MD5 in the .tao line of the output with that of the the downloaded ISO.

NOTE: the Windows program cited here is used as an example only, no endorsement or guarantee of it is intended.


When you select to verify the data in Toast or another burner, a byte-for-byte comparISOn with the ISO file will be carried out to check the CD's integrity.


If you verified the md5sum of the ISO before you burned, but the CD-ROM you burned is no good: