11:     More resources

If you are looking for something that is not covered in this Manual, these MEPIS resources are available for more help.


The MEPIS Wiki contains a great deal of other material. As an ongoing product of volunteer users, it can be more up-to-date and detailed than the Manual. Here's how to find what you're looking for:

  1. Follow the structure by drilling down in the four areas laid out on the Main Page:
    • Getting Started: intended to provide new MEPIS users with the basic tools to get their system up and running.
    • General Knowledge Database: intended to provide users with more advanced tools to understand and use their MEPIS system.
    • Help and Guides: self-explanatory title, there is great stuff here for MEPIS users.
    • Wiki Issues: topics pertaining to the Wiki itself.
  2. Consult Special Pages:
    • Click on the Wiki Categories link in the left panel, and select your topic of interest. This is a very useful but often overlooked way to find answers to your questions.
    • If you are looking for something added recently, click on the Recent Changes link.
    • Click on the link Special pages for other possible aids.


MEPIS Linux 7.0 users have a number of forums at their disposal:

See the Links and Guide section at the bottom of the page for all the above.

To get the answer you are seeking on any of these forums, please try to follow these procedures:

A number of search engines can be used for more help:

NOTE: much of the Linux documentation on random websites is out-of-date or unsuitable for MEPIS Linux 7.0, and could actually do more harm than good to your system! Ask at forum.mepiscommunity.org FIRST, if you are not certain whether or not an internet tip is applicable to MEPIS 7.0.

Links and Guides