Iceweasel does not allow change of search engine

From chrispop99's post (the lazy bum): "The released version still has a problem with the search engine preference. It stubbornly reverts to Startpage after changing it to Google. Changing to any of the other options 'sticks' OK. If you change it to Bing, for example, re-launching it leaves it as Bing. If you then change it to Google, upon re-launch it will revert to Startpage. (The homepage will survive a change.)

Broadcom driver not available

14.1.1 is not loading any driver for Broadcom chipsets, although 14 apparently did. In /etc/modprobe.d/broadcom-sta-dkms.conf all BC drivers are blacklisted by default, including b43. This suggests that the problem lies with wl not being loaded.

Iceweasel search engine

If search engine in Iceweasel is changed to Google, it reverts to Startpage after Iceweasel is closed/re-launched.
(If the entry for Google is deleted, then Google Default is installed, it behaves as expected.)

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