runlevel 3 option

There are no on-screen directions to get to runlevel 3, and even reasonably competent users have trouble figuring how to get there. Would like to have a simple visible option to do that so that the average user can figure it out without trouble.

broadcom-sta-dkms wl.ko driver not available for use on 14.3 iso OOTB

broadcom-sta-dkms wl.ko module is not available for use from the 14.3 iso. the driver is present on the system.

running (as root) "depmod" and then "modprobe wl" will load the driver (thanks kmathern for the procedure)

see this thread for more info

Thunderbird causing total system lockup

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I have seen this first hand myself, and my salesman who is converting his household to MX-14 has the same issue on one of his systems (I believe at his home). I know TB is not included with MX, but after installing from the metapackage installer and starting TB, the display loses all composition and the system locks hard requiring a hard power-down. Sometimes, TB will start and work normally, but most times, it just results in a total lock up. The usual hardware tests show no faults.

Help in power icon

In panel power icon, right click, choose Preferences then, clicking on the Help button closes the dialog. No help is shown.

Upstream issue, no action possible at this time.

Localization document

There is no documentation on localization, including where to go for language installation. Given the demographics we are seeing for downloads and our efforts at translating desktop files and MX applications, this is a serious absence.


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