Live Media to ram > Eject CD

When using liveCD media and the toram boot option to load the entire OS into ram, the CD fails to eject and "pushing the eject button" on the device fails to open the drive. "eject /dev/sr0" works for the first device. anticapitalista confirms this is a bug and the device should eject once toram loading is finished.

forum thread info here:

"Automatic" option of "Save root persistence" in RemasterCC can't handle German

Translated words are used in '/etc/live/config/persist-config.conf' but the script '/usr/local/bin/xfce4-session-logout' cannot handle them; therefore you get an error message and the default is used. Likely true for other languages as well, but only tested in German.

Solution posted here:

Need revised script in repo.

runlevel 3 option

There are no on-screen directions to get to runlevel 3, and even reasonably competent users have trouble figuring how to get there. Would like to have a simple visible option to do that so that the average user can figure it out without trouble.

broadcom-sta-dkms wl.ko driver not available for use on 14.3 iso OOTB

broadcom-sta-dkms wl.ko module is not available for use from the 14.3 iso. the driver is present on the system.

running (as root) "depmod" and then "modprobe wl" will load the driver (thanks kmathern for the procedure)

see this thread for more info

Thunderbird causing total system lockup

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I have seen this first hand myself, and my salesman who is converting his household to MX-14 has the same issue on one of his systems (I believe at his home). I know TB is not included with MX, but after installing from the metapackage installer and starting TB, the display loses all composition and the system locks hard requiring a hard power-down. Sometimes, TB will start and work normally, but most times, it just results in a total lock up. The usual hardware tests show no faults.


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