MX Linux aims to make using a Linux system faster and easier for everyday tasks, whether you are a beginner who just wants to do email and surf the web or a developer who just wants to write code and run advanced programs.

Because we know that different users have different levels of knowledge, experience, skill and patience, MX Linux users have access to multiple support structures:

  • Our Home Brew
    • MX Docs. This collection of easy-to-read documents is installed on the user's hard drive, and on the website as well (web version is continually ahead of installed one). Its topics range from general introductions of the Xfce desktop environment to technical discussions of MX features such as live persistence. The MEPIS Manual and MEPIS Wiki contain useful material on the underlying Debian system as well.
    • MX Videos. A very appealing group of videos on a broad range of topics that includes a rocking introduction to MX that will make you want to turn up the sound.
    • MX Forum and antiX Forum. The place to post questions, find answers and keep track of developments of all kinds.
  • External Resources
    • Xfce Forum. People running Xfce on any platform come to this site to share with each other and to get detailed information from highly experienced users.
    • Debian Wiki. Very handy collection of technical material relating to Debian Stable, the base upon which MX Linux is built.
    • Xfce Wiki. Equally handy collection of similar material from the creators and users of the Desktop Environment used by MX Linux.
  • Web Search Engines
    • Error messages. If you get an error message while doing something, an excellent first step is often to copy the message and put it into a web search box. It may help to add the particular program or process that was running when it appeared, such as "Synaptic [error message]."
    • Hardware configuration issues. You can often solve hardware problems by searching on the terms such as "Debian Wheezy [printer brand]" or "Linux [wireless card]."

We hope that you will take advantage of this accessible material to learn more about your MX Linux system--you will be glad you did!