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If you go to the desktop settings and add a wallpaper, the option to return to Turbulence is gone.
I added the light version and the dark disappeared. I found it in usr/local/share/backgrounds, added it back and selected it. Closed settings and returned, now the light version is gone.
It seems there can only be two images, one being xfce-blue.


Users MAY add their own preferenced wallpaper(s)...and more.

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There is a way to let users display their preferenced pictures as wallpaper.
Albeit with some restrictions - and the solution offers more possbilities, like customizing a wallpaper-changer. However, these ' wallpapers' do NOT appear in the regular place where one selects another wallpaper.
The user will need to put his wallpapers in /home/user/Pictures/Wallpapers
Install the following 3 (rather small) packages (they're in the std. repos) :

After logout/login the desktopnova icon (or even without, i didn't check that) appears in the tray.
Select Preferences and add the folder /home/user/Pictures/Wallpapers (under default)
Set the timer for the autochanger to whatever you like in minutes: 5, 30, 200, 10000 minutes
There are more settings that may appeal to users. More Profiles, beside 'default', etc.
Don't forget to start the daemon before saving changes/additions.

Have a look. It's not what we really want to fix the current situation; for that a dev. solution is needed. Failing that users can play with with adding wheir own wallpapers and use Desktopnova.
PS: Reserve the existing 'standard' location(s) for distro-included/supplied wallpapers. You could even add that folder under the default settings in desktopnova.


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I would prefer putting links to the default wallpapers in ~/.local/share/xfce4/backdrops. A link in the home folder (maybe called wallpapers) could be made to ~/.local/share/xfce4/backdrops. Then all wallpapers would show up in the desktop settings app.

steps to resolve issue.

1. make symlinks to the two MX default wallpapers (found in /usr/local/share/backgrounds) in ~/.local/share/xfce4/backdrops.
2. make a link in the home folder called "Wallpapers" and point it to ~/.local/share/xfce4/backdrops.
3. This link will work like a folder, including dropping user wallpapers into it.
4. With these links in place, all wallpapers in the default xfce/backgrounds folder and ~/.local/share/xfce4/backdrops will show up in the desktop settings app.


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This may be fixed in a new version of XFCE. It will not be in the XFCE version used in MX-14. The issue, and it is an issue as it is upstream, may be re-entered for MX-15 at the appropriate time.