Broadcom driver not available


  • MX-14.1


  • Bug


  • Closed

Reason For Closing: 

  • Fixed


  • High

Additional Information: 

14.1.1 is not loading any driver for Broadcom chipsets, although 14 apparently did. In /etc/modprobe.d/broadcom-sta-dkms.conf all BC drivers are blacklisted by default, including b43. This suggests that the problem lies with wl not being loaded.


new package not installed

It looks like the package broadcom-sta-common needs to be involved for a number of cards, was not available in 14 repos.

wl wireless driver is missing, reinstall broadcom-sta-dkms

I reinstalled broadcom-sta-dkms. wl is now modprobable. Upon reboot, the driver was picked up automatically.

I would say somehow wl got removed after the package was installed.

wl removed

Thanks! This is beginning to look like a Matryoshka doll, as the *real* problem keeps moving upstream in our development. Probably need to bring this to Stevo maybe--I will PM him.

Existing 14.1.1 users

Open a terminal and enter this code as root:

apt-get install --reinstall broadcom-sta-dkms