Thunderbird causing total system lockup

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  • MX-14


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I have seen this first hand myself, and my salesman who is converting his household to MX-14 has the same issue on one of his systems (I believe at his home). I know TB is not included with MX, but after installing from the metapackage installer and starting TB, the display loses all composition and the system locks hard requiring a hard power-down. Sometimes, TB will start and work normally, but most times, it just results in a total lock up. The usual hardware tests show no faults.
Tried looking for a known TB bug but got nowhere, there's just too much TB stuff out there and the same system running an Intel Celeron on a Gigabyte board works normally with another Linux distro.
I had the impression this is related in some way to the a similar issue plaguing Qupzilla on non-sse CPU's so I tried installing the 586 version of MX-14 and that didn't change anything.