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LInux Foundation Sublicense No. 20140605-0483

MX Repos

MX Linux combines packages from Debian Stable and antiX with MX packages in a dedicated repo that you can browse on the Community Repository page.

Debian Stable is a wonderful solid distribution that can be upgraded in place from version to version automatically as long as the Debian Stable repos are used exclusively. MX uses Debian Stable as a base, but updates a lot of the userland programs & libraries, and backports newer programs from testing by building them against the Stable base. That gives a better user experience but interferes with Debian's dist-upgrade path. Our current choice to stick with sysvinit instead of going to full systemd also interferes with that path.

So it's a trade-off: better desktop user experience at the expense of having to do a quick fresh install (which lets you save /home if desired) when the Debian base changes, typically every 2-3 years.

Individual Credits

The following Development Team members played a particularly significant role in the creation of MX Linux.

  • Lead Developer: anticapitalista
  • Primary Coders/Packagers: Adrian, BitJam, kmathern, Stevo, timkb4cq
  • Project Manager: jerry3904
  • Significant contributors: chrispop99, dolphin_oracle, Eadwine Rose, fu-sen, Gaer Boy, Ko, m_pav, megatotoro, namida12, pcallahan80, Peregrine, richb, Utopia, zeeone

Special thanks for strong support of this project go to the Mepis Community Packagers.

Supporting Communities

Contact Info

  • Help: MX Forum
  • Development Team: devs AT mxlinux DOT org